Childrens Rugs

Choosing to place a rug in your children's room is now mostly an aesthetic decision, but it wasn't always that way.In the past, rugs were mainly used in areas where there was a need for warmth underfoot. Bedrooms were (and still are) obviously one of these areas. Who wants to wake up in the morning and put their foot down on an ice cold floor? Apparently our ancient forefathers didn't like cold feet anymore than we do.In fact, there is evidence of the existance of weaved rugs dating as far back as 7000 and 8000 B.C.E., the earliest of these rugs were made of organic fibers, and were coveted by there owners.

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Nowadays, rugs can be found in many different shapes and sizes and colors, and are made from many different raw materials.  There are a few things that you should keep in mind when looking at children's rugs to find one that fits into your decor and your lifestyle.  One of the first things to consider is the furniture in the room and the overall room layout.  Children's rugs can be used to separate or mark off zones or areas of activities in your child's room. You can use this to your advantage by choosing a shape or themed rug that will create this area of seperation that can be used for a play or study area. For ideas you can check our our Fun Time Shapes Childrens Rugs


You should also consider the age of your child when making the decision of which one of the many childrens rugs to purchase. Why? Well, rugs come in different materials and some more durabel than others, you do not want a delicate carpet in (for example) a babies room if the baby will be crawing on the floor quite often, especially if the rug has a "deep pile". Because a deep pile rug uses much loger fibers in its weave it is easier for the fibers to become loose and easily pulled out, especially by a cureios baby, and if these fibers are swallowed it could be detrimental to their health. So when purchasing one of our many childrens rugs for a babies room, give consideration to the depth of the pile of it.


There are two  popular types of pile for childrens rugs that most people consider when making their decision, these are loop pile and cut pile. Loop pile is made such that it has individual strands of yarn pulled through the carpet backing twice, creating a small loop. Cut pile has the loop cut at the top, leaving tufts of yarn that stand straight up. A cut pile carpet is generally more durable than a looped pile carpet. Cut pile carpets come in a variety of styles such as shag, textured, saxony and velvet or plush. Loop pile carpets would be a berber, cable or sisal. Loop pile carpets are a good choice for high traffic areas.


Next you will want to consider carpet fibers when looking at children's rugs.  Wool rugs are well known to be the most luxurious and durable of all, however they are  expensive and might be out of the range of the typical homeowner, especially for a children's room, where they might get more of a beating than normal.  However, one thing to keep in mind is that even though they are much more expensive than other types of rugs, they can last for up to 30 years.


There is a type of rug available that is very similar to wool, in fact, it is sometimes called man-made wool and can be an excellent candidate for your child's room.  We are talking about nylon, it is very popular due to its high durability.  It resists mildew, staining and soiling and is definitely recommended for high traffic areas.  A little more expensive than some of the other synthetic fibers, but definitely much cheaper than wool.Olefin is a material that has been typically used for indoor outdoor carpeting and even though it is easy to care for and very durable.  It is probably not a good candidate for children's rugs, because of its lack of aesthetic appeal.  Another pile type is polyester, well known to be luxurious and adorable,  it's not really good for high traffic areas and therefore probably not good for our children's room.


So, as you can see children's rugs can be used as a phenomenal decorating feature for your children's room, they can mark off areas of the room to be used for various activities, as well as provide a great focal point.  They can be used to strengthen the theme of room too. For example our Care Bear Line of rugs, our M & M Line of rugs, and our Tootsie Roll Line of rugs just to name a few.

Childrens Rugs

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